Global Campaigning: One Billion Rising | 14 February

1 in 3 women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.
One billion women violated is an atrocity.
One billion women rising is a revolution!

The official OBR website: shows events from all over the world on 14 February 2017 – starting in the east in the Antipodes, Japan, South East Asia, and moving through Africa and Europe to the Americas as the day unfolded. Eve Ensler’s simple idea, to have a day to focus on the violence and abuse that is directed at women and girls because we are female, and on the strength and courage of survivors, has really resonated with people the world over...


In Sheffield we join the campaign every 2 years: One Billion Rising in February 2015 & 2017 were brilliant: the flash dance in the Peace Gardens attracted over 300, with lots of media coverage and an interview with VIDA Director, Maureen Storey, on Sheffield Live TV. Some great Sheffield clips can be seen here with the opening dance displays and the children in front dancing 'Break the Chain'. A huge thank you to Nisha Lall from Aim to Dance for her energy and enthusiam in coordinating all the local dancers.

One Billion Rising February 2015 - Sheffield Peace Gardens

Flashback to Sheffield Rising 14 Feb 2013!

The flash dance in Barker's Pool on Valentine's Day 2013 was our first experience of joining the global OBR movement. Women (and men) came together to learn and perform the 'Break The Chain' dance, choreographed for people to learn quickly and join in on the day, if they were feeling brave.

Visit the One Billion Rising website to see celebrations that take place around the world:

Visit the Sheffield

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 The Eva banner made by our Women's Group and VIDA staff showing off their moves in 2013!

Flashmob Eva BannerFlashmob with Marilyn Maureen and Jane dancing